Heather Ballentine is a sales specialist and entrepreneur. From humble beginnings, making $13 an hour, Heather is now in the top 1% of luxury car sales specialist for North America. As an Entrepreneur, Heather is the president of Ballentine Entertainment and co-owner of WDH Productions. Her growing success and contagious personality has drawn her to create inspirational content. 

Her pursuit of excitement, education, and entertainment all began in Arkansas where she was inspired by her parents.  She graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre. During University she placed top-ten of the Miss Arkansas Pageant and she used the awards to help pay for her education. Following her musician father’s passion, Heather moved to LA to pursue a career in music entertainment. She collaborated with musicians and artists and eventually became part of a band that opened for many major acts in 17 different countries around the world. Together with her co-writer Lary Bartley and Grammy Winning Producer, Pete Anderson, she created an album, “The Cat’s Meow”. Throughout this time in LA, she juggled several online businesses, modeled for pin-up publications, and was an actress in network television shows, Lifetime movies, and national commercials. This experience allowed her to cultivate the space needed to become a motivational spokesperson, entertainment media mogul, and successful Lamborghini saleswoman. She has filled this space with her journey to building entertainment businesses and brands through both new and traditional media.

Overall, Heather’s success as a sales guru and entrepreneur is the result of an inherently determined mind and a growing entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever comes her way, Heather Ballentine is driven to succeed.