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Heather Ballentine is Driven to Succeed. In the top 1% of luxury car sales in all of North America, she is as exclusive, sought after and revered as the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster.  


Boasting 10 years of luxury car experience, Heather has sold, educated and advised CEO’s, celebrities, rappers, musicians on every aspect of super luxury cars with her contagious personality and southern drawl. A woman in a male-domiated industry with an unmatched understanding of both the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of all luxury vehicles, it’s no wonder that she became both a leader and disruptor.  


For many, being her elite clientele's first call for luxury cars would be enough, but for Heather it is a platform. As a successful female entrepreneur and business owner, Heather is determined to use her experience, knowledge, and passion to educate and inspire all that hope to walk in her 5” heels. More than a luxury sales specialist, Heather is a successful content creator, influencer and personality, sharing her experiences in business, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty with her over 100k loyal followers.  


Heather defines herself as a sales expert first. Beyond just luxury cars, she understands how to capture the interest and successfully engage consumers around any product or service. She shares her skill through both personal coaching services as well as her sales courses and digital content.   


When she isn’t sharing her wisdom, or providing custom advice to the rich and famous, Heather can be found attending high-profile events, sharing her favorite fashion & beauty tips through her lifestyle channel, or spending time with her partner Chris, her son Atreo, her two cats and her two shiba inu’s.  

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