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"Lamborghini: Not Just a Sports Car?"

More often than I ever expected, I’m delivering Lamborghini’s to families. When I first started selling them it seemed to be a “single man’s car”, but now days you’d be surprised at how many families are purchasing Lamborghini’s. Maybe this explains why Lamborghini has decided to introduce their upcoming Lamborghini Urus, the new SUV that is coming soon. But this isn’t actually Lamborghini’s first SUV. The LM002 was built in the mid 1980’s and their were only 300 produced. However, the new Urus, is planned to be a much higher production number, possibly as many as 3000, and will cater to families who love the Lamborghini brand.

It’s such a breath of fresh air to see an entire family take joy in the delivery of their new Lamborghini. It becomes a prized possession and it’s fun to see each child take their turn on the first celebratory drive. I love that parents are sharing the joy of owning an exotic with their children, and often I get to design the car with the kids colour suggestions in mind. It makes my job fun and it’s nice to see the entire family get involved in the design and delivery process.

Even though the brand is still the bigger, badder, bull….it’s being embraced by people of all ages and the Urus will allow them all to take a drive together!

Don’t miss this week’s youtube video, as I deliver a local family their first brand new Lamborghini Huracan spyder. It was a very memorable day and it was my pleasure to share this amazing experience with the entire family!

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