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Winter Luxury

Typically every year around this time client’s start to call for a “winter car”. They don’t particularly want to drive an SUV but they want something AWD that is still powerful and luxurious. This is what I fondly call “Bentley Season”. Actually Bentley is a British luxury car company and they claim to craft the world’s most desirable high performance cars. Well I must admit, from experience, it is a great motor car, no matter what season. However, fortunately, for the great white north, they perform exceptionally during the winter. When I first drove a Bentley, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I took a GTC speed home for the weekend and it truly won me over. Coming from a Lamborghini background it’s quite a different drive, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a solid, heavy car but to my surprise they have loads of power and they are one of the most comfortable brands on the luxury market. I especially appreciated the massage seats while fully taking advantage of the 600 plus horsepower. And…when equipped with snow tires, they can perform just as good or better than an SUV in our severe Canadian winters. The client’s love them because they don’t have to sacrifice power or luxury and they can literally drive them all year round. Now Bentley actually makes an SUV, the Bentayga, so the client’s have even more choices. So, whether you’re a car or SUV type you have multiple reasons to explore the Bentley product line. To kill your curiosity, don’t miss this week’s delivery video showcasing a client’s brand new Bentley “Black Edition” GT speed. He’s certainly going to turn heads this winter!

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