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The How To Series

Often when I do a delivery the clients are so excited that they don’t really focus on the information I’m relaying. The last think they want to do is learn and listen when their new hot wheels arrive. Most people can’t wait to get the keys and go! They would prefer to hear the roar of their naturally aspirated engine over my voice.

At first, I was offended that people didn’t care to hear what I have to say. However, I soon realized that it’s not from disrespect, it’s from a childlike joy over a new toy. So, this experience inspired me to start filming a “How To” series of delivery videos to help clients once they come down from the initial buzz. I decided to film these videos for each model that I deliver, so that once the initial excitement wears off, clients can refer to the videos for a nice review of how to use their new toy.

For the first of this informative series of videos, I chose to focus on properly taking off and putting on the Aventador Roadster hard top. This pertains to not only the Aventador Roadster but also the SV Roadster. And I also touch on tendering your V12 battery. I think this will be a much easier way to inform and educate my clients without dampening the mood of their deliveries.

If you’d like to check out the video please visit the link below. And stay tuned for more “How To” videos pertaining to all our amazing brands!

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