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Brand Collaboration

This past month our dealership teamed up with several brands to put on a lavish evening for members of the Starlux Club of Toronto. We had our current pre-owned Lamborghini’s on display, as well as a self playing piano from Steinway & Sons, and renowned artist Leib Kopman of the exhibit “1964 Man and Machine” displaying his beautiful photography. It was a lovely evening with great company, fantastic food, wine and most importantly teamwork. It was nice to see that successful brands, even though they may be extremely different, could work together to cross promote their products, increase brand awareness, and leave potential new clients with a memorable experience.

It got me thinking that we get so caught up in competing that we often forget how important collaboration between brands can be. It can be highly advantageous as long as the collaboration serves the needs of both companies involved. As entrepreneurs and business people, we should always be open minded to the benefits a successful brand collaboration can bring. I’m currently exploring the opportunities of collaboration for my own personal brand and I look forward to exciting new adventures. However, as a word of caution, I truly believe that you must be passionate about any brand you team up with. It’s so important for the integrity of your brand, that any brand you partner with be a good match. Often people can get caught up in monetary reasons to partner and forget the basics. You must make sure your values match up, and that partnering with another brand can elevate yours. The last thing you want to do is undermine all the hard work you put in to building your brand in the first place. However, when it’s a natural fit, the results of collaboration can be cutting edge.

If you’d like to take a glimpse into our dealership’s recent evening of brand collaboration, please check out this week’s video. Hopefully it will inspire ideas for your own brand and the fantastic possibilities partnering can bring.

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