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Art Meets Business

Most of you know that I’m a successful Lamborghini sales specialist. But there are a lot of other businesses I’m involved in, hence the reason I call myself an entrepreneur. I’ve always been that odd duck that loves both artistic endeavours as well as business. I currently own my own entertainment company, Ballentine Entertainment, my own record label, Cool Cat Records, and I co-own a production company, WDH Productions Inc. But owning and acting on them are two different things. This is the first year my companies are really starting to take flight and I cannot wait to include you in the journey!

Sometimes I get so caught up in selling and the business of Lamborghini’s that I forget why I took that job in the first place. However, recently I was asked to perform for a showcase hosted by the CMAO and it reminded me of my love of the performing arts and the passion I have for entertainment. It was held in London, Ontario, during Canadian Country Music Week. Even though it was a smaller venue and I had to pair down my usual 12 piece band to accommodate the stage, it was great to perform live again. It reminded me of why I work so hard as a sales specialist. Selling allows me the financial means to invest in my other entrepreneurial businesses and I’m super excited because this is the first year I’ll be signing a new band to my record label. I’m super excited to invest in them and develop their talent. I’ve also partnered with one of my friends and clients to film our first pilot under our production company which will be produced and directed by Les Stroud “Survivorman”, and pitched to US networks. It’s an exciting year to say the least and I’m excited to spread my wings as an entrepreneur.

If you missed my CMAO showcase, have a look at this week’s video to see what it was all about. I’ll be performing more often in 2017 and my band and I would love to have you join us for a show.

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