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"Rockabilly Rebel" - Music Video

Today is a very special day for me and I’m thrilled to share it with you! I’m super excited because my record label, Cool Cat Records, has just released my new single and music video "Rockabilly Rebel”. Most of you know that I sell Lamborghini’s and super luxe cars, but I’m also a singer/songwriter, pin up model, and entrepreneur. It’s fun for me to indulge in these create outlets and we had a blast making this video.

The video was directed by Marc Esteves & produced by Ballentine Entertainment. It features cameos of Toronto biker & entrepreneur Paul Dutra as the "Rebel", and CCMA Hall of Fame inductee Barry Haugen. We also utilized an available pre-owned Aventador Roadster for the shoot, so it gave me an excuse to have a little fun outside of the office!

"Rockabilly Rebel" is from my album "The Cat's Meow", produced by Grammy Winning producer/guitarist, Pete Anderson, and the album is available for Download on iTunes.

When I was writing this song it took me back. “My first boyfriend smoked, wore a leather jacket, and picked me up for dates on a motorcycle. My dad wasn't thrilled, but years later the experience was the inspiration for 'Rockabilly Rebel', which I co-wrote with Lary Bartley".

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the song and video and I look forward to performing live again in the new year!

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