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The New Aston Martin DB11

This week I had the pleasure of seeing and driving the new DB11 for Aston Martin. Now most of you know I’m more of a Lamborghini gal, but this new DB sparked by attention, and after a thorough review from my co-worker Joey, and an aggressive drive experience, I was more intrigued than ever.

I must admit, when I heard the new DB11 was moving from a naturally aspirated V12 to a 5.2 L twin turbocharged V12 engine, I was sceptical. I questioned whether it would have that signature Aston Martin sound that we’ve all loved over the years. More importantly, I wasn’t sure the drive experience and performance would be impressive enough. However, shortly after going for a spin, I realized that there was nothing to worry about. It sounded great and handled just as I expected, in fact, better than I expected. Producing 600 bhp I must admit, I was anything but disapointed. However, It was the exterior new shape that really took my breath away.

The Aston Martin brand has always had a very understated elegance about it. Unlike Lamborghini, it’s not screaming look at me, but in it’s own quiet way…this new DB11 is a definite show stopper! In fact it’s the epitome of elegance and style. I love the huge front grill, the lines and the wide rear haunches. To me it’s the best looking Aston Martin yet. So…move over Justin Timberlake….in my book, the DB11 has brought sexy back for Aston Martin.

In addition, I really loved the interior cabin space. They’ve now figured out how to increase the back seat space so that it’s more “usable” and the interior design is futuristic and sleek which was a much needed update for Aston Martin. The technology has improved greatly, thanks to the Mercedes Benz influence. The leather and fine details, such as the glass buttons and natural hides, are still of the finest quality, as one would expect in an Aston Martin.

My dear friend and co-worker Joey Zhou, had the pleasure of visiting the factory in England to learn all about this new DB. His enthusiasm for the brand is contagious and if you’re at all interested in this amazing new car, I suggest you make an appointment so that you can truly experience it for yourself. In the meantime however, please take a look at our youtube video where we explore this amazing new machine! I can’t wait to share it with you!

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