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My Story

Today I’m letting you in on a secret. I’ve had a breakthrough, and I’ve decided to merge several aspects of my life. That probably makes no sense to you, but it’s major for me! A lot of you reading this blog know who I am, but many of you only know a small part of what I do. Maybe you’ve seen my music videos or pinup photos, maybe you’ve purchased an exotic car from me, or maybe you know me as an entrepreneur with Cool Cat Records, but most of you don’t know that for years, I’ve been juggling a high-end day job in super luxe sales, while continuing to create and develop my music and entrepreneurial brand. It’s been a struggle, and it’s been a lot to juggle, but I’ve managed to successfully keep them all separated. And for the longest time, that was my goal. But today it all changes!

It’s funny, when I talk to people, they always say I have such an interesting life. But when it’s your life, you don’t think of it that way. For as long as I could remember, I felt like I was leading several different lives. I tried so hard to keep it all compartmentalized and separated. I would work as a super luxe salesperson selling exotic cars by the day using the name, Heather Aucoin, and then as an entrepreneur and artist by night using my given name and artist name, Heather Ballentine. I thought this made sense, but the more I meet and talk to new people the more I realized that they like the fact that I do both. So the more I evaluated the situation and my life in general, I decided to no longer keep it separated. I’m choosing to embrace my crazy life and all that it entails and to let all the lines blur finally.

I’m excited to share my journey as an artist, pinup model and super luxe entrepreneur with you! From now on my branding will be one message encompassing all three aspects of my life. I’m sure there will be haters who say…”why does she post pin up photos one day and super luxe cars the next?” My answer to that is….that’s my life. That’s my REAL life, and I’m ready to share all of it with you. Even though these aspects of my life are so different, they all stem from one core, and that is my drive to succeed. So most importantly I want you to finally get to know the real me, and follow me on my journey.

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing my deliveries of the most beautiful cars in the world, sales tips, and motivational tidbits to help you with your entrepreneurial journey, and other days I may share music and photography that I’ve created, but most importantly you’ll get to know the real me. I’ve heard many times that artist don’t have a head for business. Well, I’m living proof that one can be both, and I hope that I can inspire you to embrace the real you and all of the things that make you unique and eccentric. It takes all types to make this world go round….and I’m grateful for that because it would be a pretty boring world if that wasn’t the case! I look forward to this new beginning, and I’m so excited to have you along for the ride!

Check out my Bio Story on YouTube and please subscribe to follow me on my journey as an Artist, Pinup Model and Super luxe entrepreneur. I can’t wait to share my weekly videos with you, and I hope to inspire you along the way!

Xo, Heather

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