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I am Woman…Hear Me Roar!

Since when do women feel that they can no longer be feminine if they want to be taken seriously in the workplace? I of all people can understand why other women might think that way, but I’m here to say that being sexy and feminine is A okay, especially in the work place!

I am most certainly a woman in a man’s world. I specialize in Lamborghini sales and I work with males on a daily basis. I work in an industry that is heavily male dominated and all the men wear suits. They tend to be authoritative in nature, they rarely wear bright colors, and they are altogether way to serious if you ask me. Unfortunately, you just don’t get too many women working in the car business, it’s a sad fact but it’s true. But women bring life into the world, and we should never forget that!

I have to admit, I do miss the comradery of ladies and in the beginning I felt that I had to dress a bit masculine to match up to my male counterparts. I didn’t want to be looked on as a “bimbo” who didn’t know the product. But I’ve realized that when I dress girly and feminine it actually gives me more power and as long as I do know the product inside and out, then the combo is truly unstoppable. We should never be afraid to embrace our femininity. Why not wear a stunning pencil skirt and heels to work? I guarantee it will have no effect on your knowledge and you’ll still be taken seriously. I’ve learned that dressing sexy sets me apart from the other sales people, and my client’s appreciate it because it’s different. They trust me when we discuss the color schemes of their cars and they know that I have a unique style and perspective that they can appreciate and utilize to their advantage when designing bespoke products. However, don’t mistake sexy for slutty, it’s a fine line. Club wear should ONLY be worn at the club. You want to keep it classy to be respected in the workplace but there’s nothing wrong with showing a little leg from time to time.

I find that far too many women miss the opportunity to embrace femininity. We’re so stuck on trying to prove our knowledge, professionalism, or self-worth that we forget to be women and to embrace the power that being a woman entails. Since women’s lib (which I’m all for) we may have taken it a bit too far. We feel that if we curl our hair, put on red lipstick, or heels that we won’t be taken seriously, but it’s not true. In fact, you’ll be that much more mesmerizing and you might as well take advantage of the opportunity. Now don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t a girly girl and don’t enjoy dressing up, then by all means, throw this advice out the window. At the end of the day, you have to be true to yourself and everyone has their own style, but for me I’m very much at home dressed up, so I’ve chosen to embrace it. I feel more comfortable if I embrace my feminine style and I’ve made it work for me, rather than against me in my workplace.

So to sum it up….There’s no reason girls can’t do it all and we might as well do it in heels. I mean what other excuse am I going to come up with to purchase those new Gianni Bini’s!?! Take advantage of your sexuality and your femininity and allow yourself to embrace it! Your feminine edge combined with your smarts will be a deadly combo….and don’t be afraid to have a little wiggle in your walk when you take on that next project!

Remember, you’re a powerful sexy woman with brains to boot, so never be afraid to own that the next time you plan to take on the world!

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