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Enjoy your Toys!

Okay so this blog is not what you’re thinking it’s about….so get your mind out of the gutter and hear me out. No seriously…toys come in all shapes and sizes and you never see a toddler refrain from opening one and playing with it. They literally can’t wait to rip them open and start having fun. So why are adults so hesitant? Isn’t it time we had fun too?

I sell Lamborghini’s on a daily basis, and many times I get trades turned back in with only a few hundred kilometres on them. It’s great for whomever ends up buying it pre-owned, but it makes me sad to think the original owner never actually enjoyed it. I know why this happens, but I don’t understand it. So today I’m telling you to enjoy your toys! Life it short, and if you don’t enjoy your toys now, you may never get the chance.

Client’s are often worried that if they drive their cars that they will depreciate, but honestly, they don’t depreciate that much more when you put a few thousand kilometres on your car, especially when it’s a brand that has more demand than supply. Now to play devil’s advocate…I guess once and while if you’ve purchased an old collector car, then yeah, maybe you don’t want to drive the piss out of it, but most toys should be enjoyed! I hate seeing someone worry about the five thousand dollars they might lose if they actually enjoy their car. I mean honestly, if you really have to worry about that, then you probably shouldn’t be buying one in the first place. It reminds me of when ladies have expensive china kept in a hutch and they say, “Oh No, don’t use those dishes…that’s the expensive china”. Well why do we own it then? Is it there primarily for looks? It’s a plate…shouldn’t it be used once and a while to eat on? I don’t understand owning something but never being able to enjoy it. It’s like placing David Beckham in my home but telling me I can never look at him….I mean what’s the point? Things should be enjoyed, and especially things you’ve busted your ass to get. So stop waiting for the perfect moment, and start living!

We spend so much of our time, working to earn things. We want to feel that sense of accomplishment because we finally bought our dream house, or dream car, or dream whatever, but don’t lose sight of why you wanted to purchase that thing in the first place. Maybe part of it is to show it off, but it’s only so exciting to look at something, especially something with a naturally aspirated V12 engine sitting in your garage, for so long. I mean seriously, take her out and enjoy her. At the end of the day it’s not really about the things we’ve purchased, it’s about the time you spend making memories with those things. That is your reward for all the hard work you’ve done and your depriving yourself of that fun!

Speaking of enjoying your toys…In today’s video you’ll see several of my clients enjoying their super cars. We drove in total 5 hours last Saturday! It was a great day sponsored by Lamborghini Uptown Toronto and Aston Martin of Ontario! We had a great casual cruise and fantastic lunch at Cobble Beach to top it off. It was so nice to see my clients having fun. They weren’t discussing the kilometres they were putting on their car, or the stone chips that may have happened….they were living in the moment and enjoying the day! We had a fantastic time and it reminded me of why I sell these beautiful machines…partly because of my passion for the brand, but mostly because of moments and memories with people that matter.

So to sum it up…take time to enjoy the things you’ve worked so hard for. You’re a superstar and you deserve it!

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