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Interview with Ali Ushaksaraei of Auto Bath Elite

I recently interviewed my friend and fellow entrepreneur Ali of Auto Bath Elite. Ali provides a mobile detailing company for client’s who own exotic cars. They offer premium service combined with convenience which resonates heavily for the 1%. They do amazing work and I would highly recommend them to any of my most detail oriented clients. In my opinion, their service is unparalleled.

As we were talking I found it very interesting that Ali was driven to start his own business because he couldn’t find a job elsewhere. He took the risk initially when he was still a student. It seemed like the perfect time for him to ‘give it a go’ and worst case he was still in school to figure out a plan B. But plan A actually worked out and now to give back, he’s hired 6 more students to mentor and train.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I find it incredibly inspiring that out of desperation he was driven to start his own business and he’s certainly succeeded in doing so. It just goes to prove that in the darkest hour, inspiration can be born. I’ve often heard that saying “Leap and the net will appear” and this seems like a prime example of that. It just goes to prove that you have to take risks in life to accomplish your dreams. I’m very proud of what Ali has accomplished and I was honoured to interview him.

During our talk, he mentioned that his biggest struggle was figuring out how to communicate his business to his clients in a way that would encourage them to utilize what he was offering. And this is something that Ali continues to navigate on a daily basis. This just proves that no matter what you’re offering, you have to make it user friendly. It must be easy to understand and make sense to your consumer. Otherwise, you’ve got to go back to the drawing board.

He also made a point to mention that he asks each and every client what they did to get to where they are now. This just goes to show that you always have to be open minded. Be willing to listen and learn from those who’ve been down that road before you. We are never too old to learn from our peers and other professionals out there. So my advice is…yes, have your own edge, but also be open to what you can learn from others.

Something I really connected with during Ali’s interview was when he mentioned that you have to mix the two worlds of ‘fun’ and ‘work’. A work/life balance is so difficult these days, especially because we are always connected to our devices. So it’s more important than ever to actually love what you do for a living. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing or selling, you’ll have a hard time enjoying your life, and your client’s will know that it’s not an authentic experience.

Lastly, Ali talked about the vision of his company and how many people thought or may still think it’s crazy, but you can’t let that interfere with your vision or dreams. If you don’t reach for the stars you’ll never leave the ground. So don’t ever let other people tell you what you can and cannot do. To sum it up….I feel that we could all learn something from Ali’s experience. Have a look at our video interview on my youtube channel and consider his experiences regarding your own journey. Who knows….his advice may encourage you to take a different path or a risk that you’ve been contemplating. Remember without risk, there can be no rewards!

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